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  • 27 September 2021

American businesses want the government to provide more vaccines to Vietnam

The United States has aided Vietnam with 5 million doses of vaccine out of a total of 23 million doses for 20 Asian countries and territories.

Vietnam has been prosperous in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic since 2020. However, due to limited vaccine supply globally, vaccination rates in Vietnam are still low. So far, only about 4% of the population has been vaccinated, while the number of infections has been increasing sharply in the past few weeks.

The American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA) urged the US Government to send more vaccines to Vietnam to maintain the supply chain of their fashion brands. The US side also said that it is considering further aid to Vietnam in the coming time. This is timely and meaningful sharing and help for Vietnam.

The association representing global fashion brands such as Adidas, Gap calls on the US Government to send more vaccines to Vietnam, including the AstraZeneca vaccine from the stockpile. According to him, this action will save millions of lives and boost the US economic recovery.

Steve Lamar, President and CEO of AAFA said, “The success of the US apparel and footwear industry and more than 3 million American workers depend directly on suppliers worldwide. Therefore, our success directly depends on the health, quite literally, of the Vietnamese industry.”

Vietnam is the second-largest supplier of textiles and footwear to the US market, accounting for 20% of the country’s total imports, he said. The supply enterprises of these industries are often concentrated in the southern provinces, around Ho Chi Minh City, with a workforce of about 4 million people. Currently, these provinces are heavily affected by the fourth Covid-19 wave.

“Without a vaccine, there is no way for workers to return to work safely,” he stressed. This can lead to unnecessary loss of life and expose hundreds of thousands of workers, who contribute to the Vietnamese and American economies, face many challenges when businesses shut down.

Vietnam, especially the southern provinces, is experiencing a severe Covid-19 wave, recording more than 116,900 cases since the end of April, of which Ho Chi Minh City accounts for 66% of infections.

As a result, businesses supplying global brands such as Adidas and Nike in Vietnam stopped operating or operated with limited capacity under the social distancing order.

(Source: vnexxpress)