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  • 28 October 2021

Binh Duong: Workers are ready to return to work

That is the mood of many workers in the province when being vaccinated against Covid-19. After receiving two doses of the vaccine, they can safely return to work when Binh Duong returns to the “new normal.”

Tran Thi Chung (Thu Dau Mot city) is happy to know that she is about to receive the second dose of the vaccine, an essential premise for her to return to the job site with peace of mind.

As a laborer in the construction industry, Ms. Chung hopes to complete two injections soon. Fortunately, after eight weeks of the 1st injection, she was informed by the neighborhood head (ward 4, Tuong Binh Hiep ward, Thu Dau Mot city, Binh Duong province) that the 2nd injection was administered. “I was pleased to receive two injections. From now on, I can go to work with peace of mind,” she said.

Holding the vaccination certificate of 2 injections of the Covid-19 in his hand, he felt completely healthy and pleased. “I consider myself very lucky because I was vaccinated with enough doses early. I hope everyone gets vaccinated so that the epidemic is quickly repelled and life will return to normal,” Mr. Tuan Anh shared.

Binh Duong determined that vaccination for workers is one of the decisive factors to ensure local disease prevention and control and protect people’s health and the economy. To restart production soon, Binh Duong is promoting priority two injections for this vulnerable group. As a result, factories and enterprises can quickly resume production shortly. This will also help them feel secure staying in Binh Duong to continue working, producing, and establishing a business in their second homeland.

According to Chairman of Binh Duong Provincial People’s Committee Vo Van Minh, by the end of October, businesses will return to operation, many registered companies need to recruit workers in large numbers. The province has regulations to create favorable conditions for workers: employees eligible for circulation (who have received at least one vaccination after 14 days or F0 have recovered from the disease within six months) can move to work locations. They can go back to the place of residence or their home after work, instead of having to do “3 on-site” as before.

Particularly for those who have difficult circumstances (do not guarantee living and working conditions in the area)and want to return to their hometown, they need to contact the locality for support.

In addition to the businesses doing “3 on-site”, many companies with a large number of workers have to suspend operations to carry out disease prevention and control temporarily. They want all workers to be vaccinated. This is a necessary job to ensure the health of the workforce and help businesses quickly return to production.

(Source: baobinhduong)