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  • 27 September 2021

COVID-19: Finding solutions to help production chain businesses

The Advisory Council for Administrative Procedure Reform and the Research and Development Board for the Private Economy has just issued an “urgent” document chains to the Prime Minister a series of urgent solutions to support businesses to limit the disruption of production.

The fourth wave of the COVID-19 epidemic has seriously affected the production activities of enterprises, negatively affecting the entire economy. It has quickly spread to provinces and cities, focused mainly in areas with many industrial parks and manufacturing enterprises, causing production disruptions.

The “three spots” model in manufacturing enterprises is revealing its limitations. Many factories failed to meet this requirement and had to suspend production because they could not organize and arrange facilities for on-site meals and accommodation for thousands of employees in too short a time. Because the previous design capacity of factories is also limited, not ready to accommodate the long-term eating, living, and sleeping activities of many workers.

Based on the Associations’ recommendations, the Department of Industry will summarize and report to the Ministry of Industry and Trade leaders to coordinate with relevant ministries and branches to soon deploy solutions to support businesses, creating favorable conditions for enterprises. It is beneficial for enterprises to quickly restore production and business activities and ensure working conditions for employees.

In which, there is a priority for businesses to be vaccinated soon (can be considered based on enterprises’ expenses) to ensure the safety of workers and so that companies can return to stability soon determine production and business activities.

They are putting objects in the logistics industry with higher priority in the list of vaccinations to ensure a smooth flow of goods.

It was supplementing food products, including beverages, milk – essential services for consumption and production.

They are flexibly applying regulations on overtime during the epidemic period, allowing businesses to work more than the prescribed amount in a month but still ensure that the total overtime is not exceeded in the whole year.

Consider postponing the time to increase land rent in service of production and business.

The Ministry of Finance considers increasing the grace period, delaying paying taxes and fees to avoid letting enterprises fall into lousy debt.

Consider maintaining previously applied solutions such as reducing registration fees.

Unify regulations among localities to avoid the situation of sand causing traffic jams, disrupting production chains.

(Source: vietnamnet)