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  • 28 October 2021

Deputy Health Minister: ‘Do not close the whole factory if the workshop has F0’

When the factory had a case of F0 in a workshop, the Ministry of Health said that the treatment direction was to isolate the infection, disinfect and bring the workshop back to operation after 24 hours.

This view was affirmed by Deputy Health Minister Do Xuan Tuyen at the Government press conference on the afternoon of October 2 when talking about the provisional guidance “Safe adaptation, flexibility, effective control of the Covid-19 epidemic” being drafted by this  authority.

The direction to handle when the production facility has an F0 infection is one of the biggest concerns of businesses while waiting for the authorities to issue the Guidelines on safe adaptation to the epidemic.

“The Ministry of Health instructs that if an enterprise has 1 case of F0 in a workshop, it should not close the entire factory, but should only partition and isolate the concentrated related F1 cases; disinfect the workshop. Now, businesses can bring in a new labor force to work instead, so that production activities are not interrupted,” Mr. Tuyen said.

In May, the Ministry of Health once guided this production plant in Bac Ninh, and he said, “the result is excellent.”

Committee on prevention and control against Covid-19 to will be issued as soon as possible.

Today (October 2), the Government also safely discussed measures to adapt to Covid-19 at the regular Government meeting.

Before the question of whether the interim guidance is issued, that will remove the epidemic prevention and control regulations in Directives 15, 16, or 19. The Deputy Health Minister said that this agency is reviewing and evaluating the epidemic situation in new conditions to advise and report to the Prime Minister. The direction of consideration may be to amend, supplement or have new directives to replace the Directives 15 and 16.

In comments on the draft of temporary guidelines for safe adaptation to Covid-19, associations and businesses said that the draft should clarify the content of “living with Covid-19”, as well as the right to travel activities of people who have had enough vaccines or cured F0s (after 180 days) to promote the value of the vaccine campaign.

In addition, they expect interim guidance to adapt safely, flexibly, and effectively control Covid-19 without creating additional business conditions and administrative procedures.

(Source: vnexpress)