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  • 28 July 2021

Four tips for successful Marketing B2B

The COVID19 pandemic has caused many businesses to face difficulties in doing business. Marketing is an essential part of the present time when production activities have almost stopped. Companies should consider continuing to invest in creating opportunities to accelerate competition compared to competitors.

B2B is an important form of business and plays a great role in increasing revenue and competitiveness of businesses.

The first is to apply customer retention to B2B. Customer retention is a strategy to keep old customers. It is defined as prioritizing selling to existing customers over prospecting for new ones. This strategy is more straightforward and more effective, helping businesses focus on maintaining customer relationships through ongoing sales at a lower cost per sale, thereby delivering higher ROI.

Next is improving the quality of marketing content. In marketing, content is always seen as the core of the problem because no promotion program can be successful if the external appearance is attractive, but the content is too bad. Paying attention to the design by formatting and designing images of websites, blogs, e-newsletters, FAQ lists… need to be sharp, attractive to people. If you look down on design or downplay professionalism, do not expect most of the public to value what you’re presenting to them.

In addition, businesses should apply chatbots to channels. In the era of powerful technology, customers tend to use messaging applications more. This becomes a bright spot for brands to reach and attract consumers’ attention. Therefore, integrating intelligent chatbots into messaging applications is an essential thing that every business should do to improve its competitive advantage in customer service.

The fourth is to tweak the site to make it easy to use and user-friendly. The company can build a website to specialize in selling. Once you have established a reputation, the number of visitors to buy products will be regular. In addition to designing a sales website for themselves, many businesses can now purchase PR articles on a famous website visited by many people. Or they are not afraid to spend a large amount of money to place banners advertising, marketing their products and services on those websites. This form is currently prevalent. Of course, the effect it brings is undisputed.