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  • 11 January 2022

Ho Chi Minh City is about to run out of industrial land

The city’s industrial land fund is increasingly limited. Currently, only about 300 hectares of land in industrial zones can be leased and exploited, according to Hepza leaders.

“For a long time, Ho Chi Minh City has not had a new Industrial Park, while the industrial land fund and the number of industrial parks in neighboring provinces are much superior,” said Mr. Hua Quoc Hung, Head of the Management Board of Export Processing Zones and Ho Chi Minh City Industry (Hepza) spoke at the conference on implementing socio-economic development tasks in 2022, on the morning of January 8.

According to Mr. Hung, in 2010-2015, Ho Chi Minh City is still at the forefront of the group of provinces and cities having industrial parks and industrial land. Economic indicators in the industry lead the country. However, from 2016 until now, the city’s industrial land fund has become increasingly limited. “Up to now, in industrial parks and export processing zones, there are only about 300 hectares of land that can be rented and exploited. While the city’s plan has 5,800 hectares of industrial land,” Mr. Hung said.

Comparing the city’s industrial land fund with neighboring localities, Mr. Hung said Tay Ninh currently has 11,000 hectares of industrial land (5 industrial zones). This figure in Binh Duong is 18,000 hectares (32 industrial parks). industrial zones), Dong Nai has 28 industrial zones. The industrial attractiveness indicators of these provinces began to surpass that of the city.

“This is an issue the city needs to discuss, and Hepza will advise the city’s leaders to create and find land funds. Only then will the city be able to attract investment for the upcoming period,” said Mr. Hung. Currently, there are city land funds available with pure land in the area, but because of legal problems and related conclusions, They cannot exploit them yet. It is a waste of resources.

Hepza leaders also said that a critical task prioritized by this agency this year is to focus on advising the city to propose the Government establish a new industrial park Pham Van Hai (Binh Chanh district). This area has a scale of 668 ha, and 90 ha is an adjacent residential area, inns, and houses for workers.

Pham Van Hai Industrial Park is expected to support high-tech applications, attracting investment in electricity, electronics, automation, start-up support, high-tech industry, and supporting initiatives. It is not labor-intensive and does not pollute the environment.

In addition, Hepza will also advise the city to gradually transform industrial parks and export processing zones that are no longer suitable in the coming period. Currently, some areas have experienced more than half a cycle of use. Factories and enterprises since their establishment until now have gradually become obsolete.

Specifically, in the past, Hepza cooperated with the University of Economics to develop a project to convert industrial parks and export processing zones for the period 2021-2030 and vision 2040 – when the investment period of the industrial park is first. ends first. “Hepza also needs the coordination of departments and localities in this general plan of the city,” said Mr. Hung.

In addition, according to Mr. Hung, since its establishment in 1992, Hepza has implemented a one-stop-shop mechanism with all focal points at the Management Board such as licensing investment, construction, labor, environment… but since 2017, When the legal documents came out, businesses must contact each department, the People’s Committee of the district.

Right at the beginning of 2021, the Management Board submitted a mechanism to decentralize relevant contents to the City People’s Committee and was appraised by the Department of Justice and Home Affairs. However, the petition has not yet been resolved due to the stressful epidemic. The management board hopes that the Standing Committee of the City People’s Committee will soon decide the above recommendation so that the unit can perform its tasks most smoothly,” said Hepza’s leader.

The city currently has 19/23 export processing zones and industrial parks that have been established with a total area of ​​more than 4,500 hectares, accounting for 76.78% of the planned land area for industrial park development as of 2020 ( more than 5,900 hectares). In which the space of ​​industrial land for lease is 63%.

Currently, the city has four industrial zones that have not yet been established. In which, the City People’s Committee has approved three zones not to implement the planning, namely: Bau Dung (175 ha), Phuoc Hiep (200 ha), Xuan Thoi Thuong (300 ha). These projects have been in the 13-year plan but have not yet been implemented.

In 2017, the city sent an official dispatch to the Prime Minister asking for a policy to remove the above three industrial parks from the planning, and at the same time, add Pham Van Hai industrial park, Binh Chanh district (668 ha) to the planning to ensure the approved total land fund of the city’s industrial park is 7,000 ha.

(Source: vnexpress)

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