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  • News
  • COVID-19
  • 27 September 2021

How businesses keep employees in the epidemic center

Workers working or temporarily stopping are still vaccinated, supported with living expenses, and paid salaries, so many people stay with the business. Small companies rent hotels, rent private cars to bring workers to work. Large companies increase benefits, buy insurance to retain workers.

Facing the complicated situation of the epidemic, Ho Chi Minh City requires companies to ensure that production is organized according to the motto “3 on-site” to continue operating.

Taking care of workers’ lives

Electromechanical Co., Ltd in Ho Chi Minh City said that it still has a monthly income, and the company takes care of living expenses from accommodation, electricity, and water to rice and food. Currently, all employees of the company are vaccinated with the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. As for the working group, employees are arranged to disinfect regularly, wear masks, and sit at least 2 meters apart during working hours. The unit also self-invests in a Covid-19 rapid test kit to monitor health.

Buy insurance, pay for the whole day of isolation.

When Ho Chi Minh City and the southern provinces began to distance themselves, that mobilized the supermarket system to the maximum to provide essential items for people in the blockade area. It was also the time when many supermarket employees asked to take a break. Under the pressure of severe labor shortage, enterprises have both ideological works and launched many financial and regime solutions to encourage and protect employees.

Split factories to reduce risk

At the end of July, Nike, through Nike VN Co., Ltd., sent many proposals to maintain production to the Department of Industry, which Nike said was successfully applied in factories located in Indonesia and Cambodia. “50 – 50” is to allow half of the employees to work in the first half of the month, half to work in the second half of the month, or if they work in shifts, arrange work for half of the workers in each dress. “Level 2” is a working group, then one group rests and quarantines right at the factory hall while waiting for shift change. The other group was divided into isolation at the hotel to ensure distance and reduce risks in epidemic prevention. This also helps to balance the psychological, ideological, and health status of employees.

(Source: vnexpress)