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Hoa Khanh Extended IP – DA NANG

  • DANA006
  • Updated: November 6, 2021
  • Plan area 86,986 m²
  • Leasable area 10,000 m²
  • Location Da Nang


Project ID: DANA006


Price for sales: 115
Available of Land: 86,986 m²
Land of Complex:
Total area : 1,326,000m²
Occupancy rate: 93.44%
Construction rate: 60%
Loading rate: 1.5 - 2.5kg/cm²
Industrial land for rent : 1,003,500m²
Remaining industrial land: 70,500m²
Leasable of land: 1,074,000m²
Minimum of Land size: 10,000 m²
Leasable area:
Deposit: 10%
Payment method: One/year
Developer: Saigon - Danang Investment Corporation (SDN)
Period: 2005-2055

Our consultant

May Nguyen

May Nguyen

Support specialist

Land and RBF of Price and service

Offer Price 1:


115.00 USD/m²

Offer Price 2:


3.00 USD/m²

Specification Of RBF:
Industrial : - Electronics - Mechanical Assembly - Agro-forestry Processing Textiles - Construction materials - High-grade interior decoration - Plastics, Cosmetology, Packaging

Service support

(Prepare Documents and Submit)
Fire fighting Fire hydrants are along main roads and branch roads
Internet and Telecommunication ADSL, Fireber and Telephone line
IRC, ERC application support
Prepare Document and Submit


Tien Sa Seaport 19km
National Highway 14B 19km
Han River Seaport 11km
Da Nang City Center 10km
Da Nang International Airport 10km
Da Nang station 9km
Lien Chieu Station 7km
Lien Chieu Seaport 5km


Infrastructure fee   0.18USD/m²/year

Management fee  0.4USD/m²/year

Electricity fee

  • Peak hour: 0.1USD
  • Standard hour: 0.05USD
  • Off-peak hour: 0.03USD
  • Payment method: Monthly
  • Supplied by EVN
  • Capacity: 40MVA
  • 500KV Hoa Cam Substation and two 110/22KV transformer stations

Clean water supply fee 

  • Capacity (Airport water supply plant): 30,000m³/day and night
  • Designed capacity (Cude water supply plant): 120,000m³/day and night
  • Price: 0.4USD/m³
  • Payment method: Monthly
  • Water provider: Charged by Gov. suppliers

Wastewater treatment fee

  • Capacity: 3,000m³/day and night
  • Maximum capacity: 5,000m³/day and night
  • Price: 0.3USD/m³
  • Payment method: Monthly
  • Applicable wastewater discharge standard: QCVN 40:2011/BTNMT
  • Water quality before treatment: Level B
  • Water quality after treatment: Level A


  • Main road: 23.5m wide
  • Branch road: 15m and 10.5m wide

Advantage and Disadvandtage


  • Convenient location
  • Transportation advantage
  • Complete utility services
  • Abundant labor resources
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Hoa Khanh Extended IP – DA NANG
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