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Tan Thoi Hiep IP – HCM

  • HCM010
  • Updated: October 26, 2021
  • Plan area 2,150,000 m²
  • Leasable area 10,000 m²
  • Location Ho Chi Minh


Project ID: HCM010


Price for sales: 100
Available of Land: 2,150,000 m²
Land of Complex:
Land and RBF:
Land for factories and warehouses: 50 - 70%
Land for operation and service centers: 2-4%
Technical infrastructure: 1-3%
Park land, green trees: 7 - 15%
Land for traffic: 15-20%
Loading capacity: 1,5-2,5kg/cm3
Construction ratio : 60%
Minimum of Land size: 10,000 m²
Leasable area:
Payment method: 12 months/once
Developer: Tan Thoi Hiep Industrial Park Infrastructure Investment Construction Co., Ltd
Period: 1999-
Lease of land: Payment method: 1 month/once

Our consultant

May Nguyen

May Nguyen

Support specialist

Land and RBF of Price and service

Offer Price 1:


100.00 USD/m²

Offer Price 2:


4.00 USD/m²

Specification Of RBF:
Industrial: Non-polluting industries such as: mechanical engineering, garment, leather textile, cosmetics, consumer goods, glass, plastic, rubber, interior decoration equipment, food processing, etc.

Service support

(Prepare Documents and Submit)
IRC, ERC application support
Prepare Document and Submit


The center of Ho Chi Minh City 8.9 km
Travelling time 14' from HCM center
Tan Son Nhat International Airport 6 km
Saigon Railway Station 16 km
Saigon seaport 18 km


Infrastructure fee: 0,4 USD/m2/year (exclding VAT)
Management fee: 0.35USD/m2
Electric price
  • Follow EVN price
  • Pay directly to EVN
  • 0.07 USD/KWh
Clean water supply 
  • Fee: 0.04 USD/m3 (excluding VAT)
  • Payment: monthly
  • Charged by Gov. suppliers
Wastewater treatment fee: 4.690VND/m3 (excluding VAT)

Advantage and Disadvandtage


  • Near the center of Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon Train Station, Tan Son Nhat Airport, National Highway 1A
  • Convenient location
  • Transportation advantage
  • 2 years free of corporate income tax and 4 years free 50% tax reduction; applied for income from the operation of newly established projects in Tan Phu Trung Industrial Zone (Circular no. 78/2014/ TT-BTC dated June 18th, 2014)
  • Land lease Fee-free: in accordance with
  • Government’s law
  • Other industries do not cause the environmental pollution
  • Strategic position
  • Traffic to the Industrial Zone Favorable
  • Good Geology
  • Rich Laber forces
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Tan Thoi Hiep IP – HCM
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