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この相談は、VN-BISが顧客の要件をよりよく理解するのに役立ちます。 ベトナムへの投資に最も適切で最適なサービスを提供されたいというあなたの期待をより深く理解し合うために、ご相談頂ければと思います。


  • VN-BISから直接連絡致しますので、フォームに記入をお願い致します。 または、ホットライン(+84)909 289 259を介して直接お問い合わせいただくか、marketing@vn-bis.comにご連絡下さい。


  • 確認メールに送信されたリンクからZoomセッションに参加し、セッションの少なくとも10分前にVN-BISコンサルタントにお知らせください。

注釈: 相談予約サービスの場合、VN-BISのカスタマーケアスタッフが4時間(営業時間内)以内に折り返し電話し、予約を確認します。 お客様が会議の変更をご希望の場合は、メールまたはホットラインでご連絡の上、適切な時間を選択してください。


将来のリーダーを見つけるために、私達は常に社内のポジションを募集しています。 従業員を大切にし、創造性を解き放ち、オープンな文化を持つ場所でお仕事をされたい方は、是非私達の有能な専門家チームに参加してください。



– Level: Intermediate or higher.

– Foreign Languages: English communication.

– Skills: Communication + Office: Word+Excel+Powerpoint.

– Experience: 1 year working in jobs related to Industrial Park.

– Working place: Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong

– Important:

  • Age: 18-40
  • Regularly meet customers at Industrial Parks
  • Honest
Job description
  • The company operates in the field of investment consulting in Vietnam for foreign businesses, implementing investment licenses, business licenses, VISA, B2B industrial marketing services.
  • Learn, research about the company’s products to introduce, consult and answer questions for customers.
  • Looking for new sources of customers, having investment needs, expanding business activities in Vietnam.
  • After-sales customer care, maintaining relationships with existing customers.
  • Meet investors of Industrial Parks and build relationships to implement sales development.
  • Market research to advise and propose price plans and business plans; assist investors in setting up investment procedures.


Salary and allowances

– Basic salary: negotiable

– Modes: Full insurance and regimes prescribed by the labor law of the state.

– 13th-month salary

– Travel allowance

– Friendly working environment, creating conditions for employees to improve their self-efficacy

Investment Consulting
  • Education level: Graduated from university
  • Want a stable job, have the opportunity to develop yourself
  • Strong communication and negotiation skills
  • Working from home
Job description

Investment consulting:

  • Investigate and advise clients on investment procedures in Vietnam
  • Consulting services for offices for rent

License consulting:

  • Consulting and supporting customers in procedures for applying for work permits, VISA, TRC temporary residence cards, renewals (VISA, GPLD/TRC), and entry documents into Vietnam for foreigners.
  • Consulting on assisting clients in carrying out foreign investment procedures such as Establishing a company, branch, representative office, IRC, ERC, DTM, fire protection, 1/500, Work permit, Construction permit construction, completion, property ownership…
Salary and benefits
  • Basic salary: Negotiable
  • 13th-month salary
  • Salary increase: 1 year/ 1 time
  • In addition to fully participating in compulsory insurance, you can also participate in 24/24 accident insurance
  • Trained for one year at the company’s Ho Chi Minh branch