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– Level: Intermediate or higher.

– Foreign Languages: English communication.

– Skills: Communication + Office: Word+Excel+Powerpoint.

– Experience: 1 year working in jobs related to Industrial Park.

– Working place: Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong

– Important:

  • Age: 18-40
  • Regularly meet customers at Industrial Parks
  • Honest
Job description
  • The company operates in the field of investment consulting in Vietnam for foreign businesses, implementing investment licenses, business licenses, VISA, B2B industrial marketing services.
  • Learn, research about the company’s products to introduce, consult and answer questions for customers.
  • Looking for new sources of customers, having investment needs, expanding business activities in Vietnam.
  • After-sales customer care, maintaining relationships with existing customers.
  • Meet investors of Industrial Parks and build relationships to implement sales development.
  • Market research to advise and propose price plans and business plans; assist investors in setting up investment procedures.


Salary and allowances

– Basic salary: negotiable

– Modes: Full insurance and regimes prescribed by the labor law of the state.

– 13th-month salary

– Travel allowance

– Friendly working environment, creating conditions for employees to improve their self-efficacy

Investment Consulting
  • Education level: Graduated from university
  • Want a stable job, have the opportunity to develop yourself
  • Strong communication and negotiation skills
  • Working from home
Job description

Investment consulting:

  • Investigate and advise clients on investment procedures in Vietnam
  • Consulting services for offices for rent

License consulting:

  • Consulting and supporting customers in procedures for applying for work permits, VISA, TRC temporary residence cards, renewals (VISA, GPLD/TRC), and entry documents into Vietnam for foreigners.
  • Consulting on assisting clients in carrying out foreign investment procedures such as Establishing a company, branch, representative office, IRC, ERC, DTM, fire protection, 1/500, Work permit, Construction permit construction, completion, property ownership…
Salary and benefits
  • Basic salary: Negotiable
  • 13th-month salary
  • Salary increase: 1 year/ 1 time
  • In addition to fully participating in compulsory insurance, you can also participate in 24/24 accident insurance
  • Trained for one year at the company’s Ho Chi Minh branch