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라이선스 컨설팅

The license consulting service is one of the key services at VNBIS. We support investors in the process of establishing and operating projects in Vietnam. Moreover, we understand the importance of ethics and compliance with Vietnamese and international laws. Therefore, VNBIS advises the fastest and most optimal solutions in carrying out administrative procedures with state agencies. It helps investors speed up applying for a project license and focus on business activities.

Service of office for rent search, IRC, ERC, BORC, ERC temporaty residence card, VISA…

Providing services related to the establishment of projects and companies in Vietnam, VNBIS will support the most optimal and suitable solutions from the establishment of the company and throughout the development process of customers such as:

The permits related to construction in industrial parks, include: Environment Impact Assessment (EIA), Firefighting Certification (FF), Construction Permit (CP), Plot combination, 1/500

With the importance of adequately implementing all types of permits arising before, during, and after the construction process, VNBIS provides construction-related permit application services quickly and accurately to meet customers’ needs. The needs of investors according to legal regulations in Vietnam: