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  • News in Vietnam
  • 19 October 2022

Phu Tho: Developing digital infrastructure to 2025

With the goal of making Phu Tho the leading province in terms of infrastructure of Northern midland and mountainous provinces, setting a foundation for attracting investment in socio-economic development of the province, the Provincial People’s Committee has issued Plan No. 3927 / QD-UBND to develop digital infrastructure in Phu Tho province by 2025.

In the 2017-2022 period, digital infrastructure in Phu Tho province has focused on promoting construction investment to promote digital transformation and make an important contribution to the overall development of the province. Indexes of smart phones, mobile communication networks and household fiber optic internet in the province have grown positively; Specialized data transmission network, integrated platform system, data exchange, specialized database platform have been preliminary applied to build digital government, develop digital economy to meet the province’s demand on a digital society. In 2021, Phu Tho’s digital transformation index (DTI) ranked 18th out of 63 provinces and cities, contributing to the reforms of administration, people’s and organizations’ satisfaction with the services of national administrative agencies, governance efficiency and provincial public administration.

Specific targets by 2025: 100% of villages and hamlets will be covered with mobile network; 5G mobile network will 100% cover the centers of districts, cities, towns, industrial parks and tourist areas; the average access speed of the mobile network reaches 100 Mb/s. The percentage of fully-grown population using smartphones reaches 95%.

100% of villages and residential areas have fiber or broadband internet infrastructure; the average fixed broadband Internet access speed reaches 200 Mb/s with 85% of households owning fiber optic/ broadband internet connection.

100% shared information system of the province is connected to a dedicated data transmission network and connects 4 administrative levels from central to commune level. The province has developed a data integration and exchange platform to 100% connect and exchange data of the province’s specialized information systems with national database.

The province has also built a database to ensure digital transformation, focusing on a number of industries and sectors such as land, construction, healthcare, education, civil status, population data, identification and electronic authentication to provide services, administrative activities of agencies and serve the needs of people and businesses. To achieve this goal, the Provincial People’s Committee will acquire a complete  mechanisms and guidelines for the development of digital infrastructure, encourage telecommunications businesses to invest in building and developing telecommunications infrastructure for digital transformation in order to facilitate the building of provincial telecommunications infrastructure plan integrated with the planning of Phu Tho province. The province will also conduct the program to provide public-utility telecommunications services by 2025,… increase investment to encourage enterprises to build 4G mobile base stations with 100% coverage in villages and residential areas and improve service quality in poor-connection areas…

Source: Baoxaydung