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  • News in Vietnam
  • 1 August 2022

Quang Tri: potential and welcoming land for investment.

Located adjacent to the gateway of the East-West economic corridor, with a wide space, built transport system, abundant labor force, Quang Tri has a combination of factors to attract investors.

Dong Nam Quang Tri Economic Zone – the centre of industrial development

Quang Tri province has been focusing on investing in the development of transport infrastructure, prioritizing the importance of construction and development of the Southeast Quang Tri economic zone as the core of industrial development, said Mr. Vo Van Hung, Chairman of the People’s Committee. Quang Tri province.

In particular, focusing on completing and putting key projects into operation such as Gazprom International’s 340 MW Quang Tri Gas-fired Power Plant, 1,500 MW Hai Lang LNG-fired Power Center Phase I, and Quang Tri Industrial Park of VSIP – Amata – Sumotomo joint venture.

The general construction planning of the Dong Nam Quang Tri economic zone until 2023 and a vision to 2050 was approved by the Prime Minister on October 11, 2016 with a total area of ​​23,792 hectares, including 17 communes and towns belong to 3 districts of Trieu Phong, Gai Lang and Gio Linh, Quang Tri province.

Dong Nam Quang Tri Economic Zone is connected to the East-West Economic Corridor with a length of 1,450 km (starting from Myanmar, Thailand, Laos to Vietnam through Lao Bao International Border Gate) and is also a gateway to the East sea through Cua Viet and My Thuy ports which is supposed to be  an attractive destination for investors in electricity, mechanics, real estate, apparel, etc.

From 2023, when traffic projects are completed and commenced, including Cam Lo – La Son, Van Ninh – Cam Lo highways, My Thu, Cua Viet ports, Quang Tri airport, along with the North – South railway line, existing National Highway 9, Dong Nam Quang Tri Economic Zone would gain greater motivation to take off.

Mr. Tran Quang Trung, Deputy Head of the Management Board of Quang Tri Economic Zone, said that several areas attractive to investors and the corresponding planned land fund in Quang Tri Dong Nam Economic Zone include the Energy Complex area (receiving and processing gas, LNG-fired power plant and processing industry of gas products); Seaport logistics, non-tariff areas; Housing for workers, experts; Multi-industry industrial park; Urban, tourism areas, eco-resorts and green trees, physical training and sports services locations; The ecological urban area; Potential of offshore gas fields. In addition, low-value trees and structures facilitate site clearance. Along with the advantage of convenient geographical location, connected traffic, located between the densely populated areas and abundant labor force of Hai Lang, Trieu Phong and Gio Linh districts.

The People’s Committee of Quang Tri province has accelerated the investment process in key projects such as My Thuy, Cua Viet ports, Quang Tri airport, the connections of coastal road with the East-West economic corridor, the province’s works with the national transport system and confirmed that My Thuy port can receive ships over 100,000 tons.

Investment attraction from different values

Besides the Dong – Nam Economic Zone of Quang Tri, a myriad of industrial parks could be enlisted such as Quang Tri Industrial Park in Hai Lang District, Quan Ngang Industrial Park in Gio Linh District, Northwestern Ho Xa Industrial Park in Vinh Linh District, and Ho Xa Industrial Park in Vinh Linh District, Nam Dong Ha Industrial Park in Dong Ha city, Trieu Phu Industrial Park in Trieu Phong district.

In recent years, Quang Tri has been considered as one of the destinations for investors in the services, apparel and energy sectors. Concurrently, a series of wind power projects have been invested and turned the locality into a new energy center of the Central region in particular as well as the whole country in general.

Quang Tri focuses on calling for large-scale projects align with specific characteristics, optimizing the potential and advantages of the locality. In addition, it also accelerates the construction progress of planned renewable energy projects and the transmission system to cover the capacity of wind power plants in Huong Hoa and Dakrong districts, according to Mr. Vo. Van Hung shared.

Quang Tri, with less advantages compared to other localities, has also actively listened and solved difficulties of investors to attract the attention and capital contribution of businesses from which benefits local real estate. It has attracted plenty of professional industrial real estate developers and become a “rising star” of the central region.

The fact that Con Co island begins to welcome guests, along with owning beautiful beaches like Cua Viet and Cua Tung, will be a stepping stone for investors interested in resort projects, tourist areas, and luxury golf courses capable of attracting a large number of tourists from Laos and Thailand following the East-West corridor to the resort.

Statistics show that from the beginning of 2022, there have been more than 20 projects licensed to invest with a total capital of VND542.65 billion in the province. There are some outstanding projects such as the high-tech pig farm with the scale of 2,500 sows of Tuan Loc Farm Investment Joint Stock Company with a total investment of 72.05 billion VND; Quang Tri Organic Rice Processing Factory with an investment of VND 80 billion; Vinh Ha closed hi-tech livestock farm with a total investment of 66.1 billion dong…

According to Mr. Truong Chi Trung, Director of Planning and Investment of Quang Tri province, to date, there have been 595 valid projects licensed for investment in the province, with a total capital of VND241,479.68 billion. Particularly, there are 576 projects with domestic investment capital with a total investment capital of VND121,733.37 billion; 405 projects outside industrial parks and economic zones with a total investment of VND73,047.44 billion; 171 projects in industrial parks and economic zones with a total investment of 48,685.93 billion VND.

Areas outside the industrial and economic zones have had 221 projects put into operation with a total investment capital of VND39,036.54 billion, 184 projects are underway with a total investment of 34,010.9 billion VND. As for the areas within industrial and economic zones, there are 108 projects put into operation with a total investment of 9,271.74 billion VND, of which 63 projects are being implemented with a total investment of 39,414.19 billion VND. Source: baodautu