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The consultation will help VN-BIS better understand the requirements of customers. We will discuss to dive deeper into your expectation to provide the most appropriate and optimal service for your investment in Vietnam.

For more convenience in arranging work and best support, please book a consultation appointment with VN-BIS’s customer service department in advance.

For meeting online

  • Please join your Zoom session via the links sent in your confirmation email and notify the VN-BIS consultant at least 10 minutes before your session.

Note: For the appointment booking service, the customer care staff of VN-BIS will call back within four working hours (office hours) to confirm the appointment. In case the customer would like to change the meeting, please contact us via email or hotline to choose a suitable time.
Please notify cancellation if you cannot arrive on time.

License consulting

The license consulting service is one of the core services at VN-BIS. We support investors in setting up and operating projects in Vietnam. Furthermore, we understand the importance of complying with Vietnamese and international laws. Therefore, VN-BIS advises the most optimal solutions for administrative procedures with state agencies. This license consulting service helps investors speed up the application for project permits and focus on business activities.

VN-BIS’s consultants are committed to providing investors with transparent, safe, and effective consulting services.

  • Support for Investment Registration Certificate, Business Registration Certificate, Branch Office Registration Certificate, Temporary Residence Card, VISA, …
  • The construction permit in industrial zones include Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Fire Prevention Certificate (Fire Prevention), Construction Permit, and 1/500 Planning.

Providing services related to the establishment of projects and companies in Vietnam, VN-BIS will support the most optimal and suitable solutions from the establishment of the company or project and throughout the development process of customers, such as:

1.    Visa service and Vietnam visa extension

Vietnam integrates into the world with open-door policies, incentives, and building an attractive business environment. As a result, Vietnam has attracted a large amount of FDI from foreign investors, typically Singapore, Korea, Japan, and China.

Visa VN-BIS specializes in providing consulting services and supporting visa procedures to enter Vietnam for foreign experts and investors. VN-BIS is proud to be Vietnam’s leading foreign expert visa service provider. VN-BIS advises on the most recent Vietnam visa policies and procedures according to the Government’s regulations in 2021-2022. Contact VN-BIS now via email:

Conditions for granting a Vietnam investment visa:

  • Have a valid passport as prescribed;
  • Having a guarantee from an agency or organization in Vietnam;
  • (Or) have documents proving that they are investors.

Procedures for granting a Vietnam visa:

  • Step 1: VNBIS prepares and represents the guarantee company to submit the application
  • Step 2: VNBIS monitors the Vietnam visa application process and reports the results to customers
  • Step 3: Foreign experts apply for a visa can receive the results at the host country’s Vietnamese embassy or Tan Son Nhat Airport.

Benefits of using a Vietnam investment visa

  • Long-term stay in Vietnam, a 3-month visa (experts can visit Vietnam unlimited times)
  • Easy to renew when it expires
  • Conditions for making a temporary residence card with a term of up to 10 years (applicable to some investment visas)
  • Conditions for the wife and children to apply for a visa to visit relatives in Vietnam (apply for some types of investment visas)

2.    Temporary residence card service and temporary residence extension

VNBIS is proud to be the leading temporary residence card (“TRC”) and TRC extension service provider. Foreign partners and businesses from Japan, Korea, Taiwan,… trust to use our prompt residence card service. VNBIS and a team of experts with many years in the profession will support foreign experts to receive TRC temporary residence cards quickly. VNBIS provides legal and appropriate assurance services for foreign experts, investors, and businesses at a fast time and reasonable cost.

The latest TRC and TRC extension service in 2022. VNBIS provides clear and accurate advice for each case, supports and guides foreign experts, and prepares documents in multiple languages with Competitive costs and transparent contracts.

Conditions for granting TRC temporary residence card:

  • Foreigners are in Vietnam
  • Labour
  • Enough documents are required by Vietnamese law
  • Passport valid for more than two years
  • A clean record when staying abroad

Reasons to apply for a temporary residence card

  • A temporary residence card is considered a long-term visa
  • Can enter and exit without a visa
  • Permit to carry out business and investment procedures, buy apartments, and many other incentives prescribed by the State

Difficulties in the self-made temporary residence card

  • The language barrier
  • Prepare quite complicated forms
  • Time-consuming
  • Do not understand the TRC card classifications
  • Do not understand how to explain when the application is rejected or returned

3.    Work permit service

With reasonable cost and reputable service, VNBIS provides work permit application service. A new grant, re-issuance, and work permit extension is the latest in 2022. A work permit is required for foreign workers working for more than three months in Vietnam. With a team of skilled staff and a high success rate when applying for a work permit, VNBIS is proud to be the top 1 prestigious unit in the service of applying for a work permit.

Why should you use VNBIS’s services?

  • Explain, guide, and advise on a case-by-case basis;
  • Support consulting in Vietnamese, English, and Japanese;
  • The contract is clear in Vietnamese, English, and Japanese;
  • Save time and costs;
  • VNBIS prepares and submits documents on behalf of foreign experts.

4.    Investment Registration Certificate service

With highly skilled experts, VNBIS advises on the conditions for granting investment certificates and completing the application documents for foreign investors. VNBIS provides customers with optimal solutions in terms of cost and time with the professionalism of industry experts.

VNBIS is a reliable consulting service that provides solutions to help foreign investors and businesses solve language and procedural difficulties when working with state agencies. For each case, VNBIS will develop and advise different services suitable for foreign investors.

Step 1: VNBIS receives information, answers, and advises investors

Step 2: VNBIS prepares and submits documents on behalf of investors

Step 3: VNBIS receives the results and supports the services after getting the license

Contact us via email for any inqueries.

5.    Service of Certificate of Business and branch office registration

Business registration certificate, branch offices, investment registration certification is  fundamential in licensing process in Vietnam. VN-BIS realizes that foreign investors may face difficulties such as language differences and time-consuming, complicated legal documents. VN-BIS offers a complete service package with reasonable costs and processes professional in the international business environment.

6.    Permits related to construction in industrial zones

With the importance of adequately implementing all types of permits arising before, during, and after the construction process, VNBIS provides construction-related permit application services quickly and accurately to meet customers’ needs. The needs of investors according to legal regulations in Vietnam:

  • Environment Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Firefighting Certification (FF)
  • Construction Permit (CP)
  • Plot combination 1/500

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