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  • 28 October 2021

Thousands of factories gradually ‘revived’

Continue to invest in factory expansion.

Ho Minh Quang, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ton Nam Kim Company, said that the pandemic in the past two years had upset all forecasts, the global supply chain is broken, many businesses and industries are facing difficulties, but fortunately, the steel industry is still favorable on a worldwide scale.

“Really, in the beginning, we struggled to adapt. Without preparation, we cannot grasp the industry’s opportunity to recover in the past period,” Quang said.

To achieve this result, Ton Nam Kim Company had forecasted early when the disease showed signs of spreading in the South to prepare suitable raw materials for the export market, proactively implement three-on-site very early, beforethere are mandatory local regulations, improve the welfare regime so that workers can stay at the factory safely to organize safe production and so far there have been no cases of infection.

Currently, Ton Nam Kim Company is promoting the investment project to expand phase 1 to increase the capacity of galvanized steel sheets to 2 million tons by the end of 2023. In this expansion project in Ba Ria-Vung Tau, Ton Nam Kim Company focuses on technology factors to target the higher-end market.

Although there are concerns about the industry’s decline when completing the project, with the trend of restructuring the steel industry in some countries, Ton Nam Kim Company believes that the demand from the international market for steel products high-quality plating from Vietnam is still increasing.

Soon to connect domestic flights.

Mr. Nguyen Van Be, Chairman of the Association of Industrial Parks Enterprises in Ho Chi Minh City, recalled the days when the disease spread to more than 30 provinces and cities across the country. In particular, Ho Chi Minh City is the center of the epidemic, doing businesses like sitting on a fire.

Since mid-June, the city government has deployed the first dose of Covid-19 vaccination for 322,000 workers in 18 industrial parks, export processing zones, and high-tech zones. However, with the high-speed spread of the Delta strain causing 800 factories/businesses to close, the remaining 700 factories/enterprises persisted in epidemic prevention and control, organizing production, trade, import and export according to the method of “3 on-site”, “1 route, 2 locations” with 1/4 of the workforce.

Up to now, after more than two weeks of reopening, besides 700 “3 on-site” factories continuing to operate and expand production and business, workers have been returned home, about 1,500 factories are starting and recovering produce and receive workers back to work.

To return to normal operations, Mr. Be said businesses recommend ministries and branches, especially the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Public Security, to agree on how to control inter-provincial and north-south trade with a national system. 

The country’s 400 industrial parks and economic zones need to be quickly connected to trade to supply goods, raw materials, and import and export goods through the provinces and ports. In addition, it is necessary to unify vaccine passports, connect domestic and international flights. 

About 1,500 factories, including 500 FDI factories, are usually links in the global production and business chain. That is not to mention the need to welcome investors and experts abroad and send technical staff to train in other countries.

(Source: thanhnien)