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Togo has emerged as one of the stable economies of West Africa and is engaged in an ambitious transformational economic agenda (the National Development Plan 2018-2022). It’s agenda aims to achieve inclusive, sustainable, and double- digit economic growth. Boosting the industrial transformation of agricultural commodities and supporting the development of job-intensive industries is a key component of the National Development Plan.

The Plateforme Industrielle d’Adetikope (PIA) will capitalise on our country’s rich natural resources, ensuring that Togo obtains a greater share of the value added through local industry deve- lopment dedicated to the processing and transformation right here in the country.

Togo is gateway of West Africa:

From north to south, Togo stretches over 600 km, its width varying between 50 and 150 Km. Togo boasts a particularly advantageous geostrategic position in West Africa. The economic zones (free, industrial, special), the road network and the port of Lomé occupy a central place in the region’s commercial transit, offering access to the sea for many landlocked neighboring countries (Sahelian countries in particular Burkina-Faso, Niger and Mali ). Togo is therefore proving to be an essential commercial hub for the West African sub-region, a key asset for its development strategy in the years to come.

Demographic Profile:

With a population growth rate of 2.67% from 2019 to 2020, Togo’s population is estimated to be 8,399,356 as of January 1, 2021. Togo’s population is very young, with 43.5% under the age of 15 (INSEED, 2019). This demographic structure is a major asset for growth and a real opportunity for investors, particularly in terms of availability of manpower.

Benin’s Benefits:

  • Zero landed duty benefits for Apparel & Textiles exported to USA (under AGOA) & Europe (under EBA)
  • Repatriation of profits/Financial assets allowed
  • Credit Availability up to 50% of the Investment amount
  • Working capital availability up to 80% of the W C requirement
  • Traceable & Sustainable CMIA Certified Cotton availability ensured in the park
  • Renewable Solar power supply ensured at 8 cents/KWH Skilling of the work force ensured through Textile/Garment
  • Training facility
  • Labour availability at economical wage of US $ 108/month. 50% of worker’s wages for Initial 18 months supported by Goverment
  • Park Proximity to the Lomé Sea port -(25 km) Duty free imports of Inputs like RM, Machines, accessories used for manufacturing. 
  • Attractive fiscal & non-fiscal incentives Single Window Clearance for new company registration, Licenses & Legal framework Inland Container Depot (ICD) inside the park
  • Residential housing facility Ready to move in sheds
  • Common facilities including Roads, Street lights, Sewage treatment, Drainage, Medical Centre, fire station, Laboratory, Trade Centre, security

Togo – strong foothold in the cotton production:

Cotton has been cultivated and woven in Togo for centuries, long considered one of the success stories of African agriculture. The Plateforme Industrielle d’Adétikope will serve to pursue this story and allow Togo and its natural resources to thrive with modern infrastructure and integrated logistics services.

Togo located in the coast of West Africa. While the majority of the Togolese population depends on subsistence agriculture, cotton production alone employs 275,000 farmers: directly or indirectly supporting close to 2.5 million people.

Plateforme Industrielle d’Adetikope (PIA) Textile Park is poised to achieve its objective to transform local cotton into high value finished garments. Togo has a stable economy projected to grow at a rate of 7.6%.

Infrastructure of Togo:

  • Road: 11,777 km of road networks, including approximately 2,101 km of paved national roads and 1,473 km of urban roads, 1,294 km of unpaved national roads and 6,802 km of rural trails.
  • Airport & Air Transport: Togo is accessible by major airlines such as Air France, Ethiopian Airlines, ASKY Airlines and others. Lomé has 02 (two) Airports: Internatio- nal Gnassingbé Eyadéma on 413 hec- tares, 3000 m tracks and Niamtougou International Airport available only for private flights.
  • Seaport: In 2019, the Port of Lomé managed 1.13 million TEUs (twenty-foot equi- valent), 22,691 MXOF Tonnes of global traffic including 1,449 ships, 1,140 MXOF containers and 14,833 transhipments.
  • Railway: The railways in Togo covered a distance of 536 Km. Initially intended for the transport of people, they were subsequently dedicated to the transport of goods
  • Education infrastruc: The Togolese education system concerns all the pu- blic and private institutions in Togo whose function is to ensure and develop education throughout the country.

Competitive Advantage: 

Why invest in Togo?

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