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  • 28 October 2021

Vietnam ranks 19th globally in places to live and work

Many foreign experts living and working in Vietnam do not want to move anywhere else in the particular current period.

The 14th Expat Explorer study, a global survey conducted by HSBC with more than 20,000 people living and working abroad, found that nearly 65% ​​of ex-pats feel optimistic about the future within the next year, despite the unpredictable fluctuations of the past 18 months.

The main reason for their optimism is their hope of returning to “normal” life soon (75%). In addition, six out of ten professionals (61%) feel optimistic about the quality of life they can enjoy. Foreign experts in Taiwan are among the most promising (85%), followed closely by ex-pats in Vietnam, New Zealand, and Australia (83%).

Thus, the pandemic has not reduced the desire to continue living and working abroad of experts. Most of them intend to stay where they live soon, 80% plan to continue living and working abroad continue to live in their current country for at least the following year, only about 7% plan to move.

The report also shows that more than 67% of professionals believe that the quality of life in the current country is better. Additionally, worldwide, more than 46% feel their communities have changed in a more supportive direction during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Notably, this number is even higher in Vietnam, with 51% of foreign experts saying that the local community has supported each other since the outbreak.

Accordingly, Vietnam is in the top 5 best countries to live and work in 2021 in the Asia-Pacific region. On the global general rankings, Vietnam’s ranking has increased three places, ranked 19th.

Tim Evans, General Director of HSBC Vietnam, commented that in the context of the whole world facing many challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic, optimism is spreading more and more like the progress of vaccination is getting faster and faster, which means we will soon get back to everyday life.

“In Vietnam, it also means that the economy is growing strongly again with a dynamic and interesting country. A dynamic, fast-growing economy has a diverse geographical condition from high mountains, jungle to sea, great food, and friendly people. As a foreign professional living and working in Vietnam, I don’t want to move anywhere else in this special period,” said Mr. Tim Evans.

HSBC Expat’s research also covers the financial issues of ex-pats to assess their financial goals for 2021, 60% of them expect to save for retirement. Accordingly, 31% want to create an emergency savings fund and save for asset purchases (30%), 23% want to save or invest money in their children’s education.

(Source: vneconomy)